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Therapy Fund

Access to therapy is often restrained by financial barriers. The average cost of therapy for a year can range from $5,000 - $6,000 making it inaccessible to many of those who need it. This is especially true in minority communities where individuals can feel that they will become a financial burden on their families if they enter therapy. That is why we are launching our Therapy Fund Program.

What is the Therapy Fund?

We aim to collect funding through our platforms and products to sponsor individuals in need of therapy. Our program will be ran through Rise Above the Disorder which allows individuals to match with therapists and receive the care they need at no cost.

By working with Rise Above the Disorder we are able to sponsor therapy session for individuals in need. Our initial goal is to raise enough money to sponsor 100 therapy sessions or approximately raise around $3,000.

Our Goal

How to support

  • Donate through the form listed below

  • Purchase from our shop, where all proceeds go towards this therapy fund

  • Reach out through our email to set up corporate sponorships

  • Follow The Open Minded Project on one of our social platforms to increase awareness for our cause 

Support our cause!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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